Download FileZilla 4.4.0

FileZillaFileZilla is a wonderful software application for cross platform transfer of files with numerous options to explore for users, thus making it extremely enthralling in nature. This application has been widely used for webmasters worldwide and is available for Linus, MacOS as well as Windows and is accessible in 47 different languages. FileZilla is one of the safest, significant and free software due to its right open source nature and has been influential in transferring files across Internet.

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Download FileZilla 3.4.0

FileZillaDeveloped by Tim Kosse, File Zilla is a free software consisting of File Zilla client and File Zilla server. Client binaries are available for Windows, MacOs and Linux whereas server binaries are available only for Windows. The software was released 17 years ago in the year 2001 and is hosted on Source Forge.FileZilla is basically a cross-platform FTP application written in C++ and wxwidget. Continue reading