How To Install an SSL Certificate for FileZilla?

FileZilla is a powerful and free software for transferring files over the Internet. It is a very popular FTP client and is used by webmasters from all over the world. FileZilla is fully compatible with the Professional FTP hosting.

It also allows you to install SSL Certificate. SSL Certificates provides your web an extra layer of security. We are going to show you how to Install an SSL Certificate for FileZilla?

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What is an SSL Certificate?

SSL Certificates are small data files that digitally bind a cryptographic key to an organization’s details. When installed on a web server, it activates the padlock and the https protocol and allows secure connections from a web server to a browser. Basically, SSL is used to secure credit card transactions, data transfer, and logins, and more recently is becoming the norm when securing browsing of social media sites.

How To Install an SSL Certificate for FileZilla?

  1. Launch the FileZilla App first of all.
  2. After that open FileZilla Server Options. Click Edit > Settings.


  3. In the FileZilla Server Options window, in the tree on the left side, choose SSL/TLS settings.
  4. On the right side, under SSL/TLS settings, you will find Enable SSL/TLS support. Check that option.
  5. Enter the location of the key file that you generated when you created the CSR in the Private key file box.
  6. You have to enter the exact location of the .pem certificate file that has the server certificate + intermediate certificate in the Certificate file box.
  7. When you are done, click OK.
  8. Your SSL Certificate is now installed and ready to use.

On the first connection using the FileZilla client, you are presented with the certificate files from the server.

For not getting this prompt on future connections, in the Unknown certificate window, check “Always trust certificate in future sessions”, and then click OK.


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