Download FileZilla 3.6.6

FileZillaFileZilla is free to use File transferring software over the internet. This FTP client is used by website owners to manage their web sites from all over the world. To get a secure connection with unlimited FTP accounts users need a FileZilla Client so that they can start hosting.

Features of FileZilla 3.6.6

FileZilla is very user friendly yet very powerful which allows easy uploading and downloading to be quite manageable. The software also allows users to encrypt any file for more protection. Some other features include-

  • The software supports FTP, SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) and even FTP over SSL/TLS (FTPS and FTPES).
  • FileZilla works with all sorts of OS like Linux, Windows, Mac OS X and many more.
  • Supports pausing, resuming and transferring of large files.
  • The software also offers Site Managing with transfer queue.
  • It lets users to Adjust the transfer speed limits.
  • Also has Drag & drop support, Filename filters with Remote file editing.
  • It can compare Directories and also lets you Log into files.
  • IT also has a Network configuration wizard.
  • Has a Keep-alive option.
  • The software also has Remote file searching support with a Synchronized browsing directory

How to Download FileZilla 3.6.6?

Downloading the software isn’t much of a problem. Users can easily access the file from its this website. FileZilla also has a premium access package
which gives more access to users and can be purchased according to the user’s wish. The software client is regularly updated and released in new versions for its users to easily download. To download click on the given below link-

Download FileZilla

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