Download FileZilla 3.6.0


The FileZilla transfers files using different types of protocols such as SSH File Transfer Protocol and Simple File Transfer Protocol. The FileZilla is available in 48 languages. The FileZilla is the most used FTP software in the world. The FileZilla software is free and safe to use and does not contain any harmful malware or viruses.

Features of FileZilla 3.6.0

1. FileZilla has the feature of creating and managing the FTP servers
and can be used as a site manager.
2. The FileZilla’s main feature is that it can transfer huge amount of
files at a time.
3. The FileZilla can modify, delete and replace the files just like the File
4. The FileZilla has the feature of pausing and resuming the transfer
process at any time.
5. The FileZilla has the feature of bookmarking different folders and
files which are mostly used.
6. The FileZilla has the feature of file Remote editing and can be
managed wirelessly.

How to download FileZilla 3.6.0?

The FileZilla for the respective operating systems can be downloaded
from the following link.

Download Filezilla

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