Download FileZilla 3.5.0

FileZillaFileZilla is a software program which allows the user to transfer files from one device to another with its FTP utility for free. So if you ever encountered the problem while sending files then it is the best app you can rely on. The app has two versions available, one is client version and the second one is server. It is capable of running in windows, macOS X, and Linux and the software is absolutely legal.

Features of FileZilla 3.5.0

These below are the features of FileZilla:

  • The app is capable of creating and storing a list of servers and associated connection data and also allows users to compare contents among both local and remote directory.
  • It transfers files using the FTPs and provides book marks for easy access to know whether the files have been sent or not.
  • It allows the user to modify any files and folders and provide drag and drop option between local and remote directories.
  • It is capable of displaying the status of the file transfer as it will be progressing or waiting to process.
  • It transfers file using FTPs and supports resume so that the file transfer process can be paused and resume.
  • It provides you synchronised directory browsing and has limits on speed and has remote administration.
  • It uses GUI configuration tool and has speed limits, unlike the FileZilla‚Äôs client version.
  • And it compresses with DEFLATE.

How to download FileZilla 3.5.0?

To download the application click on the link provided below!

Download FileZilla

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