Download FileZilla 3.3.9

FileZillaDeveloped by Tim Kosse, File Zilla is a free software consisting of File zilla client and File Zilla server. It is a cross platform FTP application. Client binaries are compatible for all the operating systems. Server binaries are compatible only for Microsoft Windows operating system. The software was released in the year 2001, 17 years ago and the File Zilla source code is hosted on the Source Forge.

Features of FileZilla 3.3.9

FileZilla is a multilingual software and can be run in a large number of languages.
 Both client and server binaries support FTP and FTPS format. In addition to this, client binaries can also support SFTP format.
 File Zilla is a cross platform applicant ion that runs on Windows, Linux, MacOS and others.
 The software is available in no less that 47 languages including Hindi, English, French, Chinese, German, Czech, and others.
 Remote file editing to allow editing the files while in server. There is no need to edit the files on computer and then again upload them on the server.
 It also provides Directory comparison to compare server files and local files in the same directory. If the local file doesn’t match the server file, the software would automatically
highlight it.
 Site Manager to manage server lists and transfer queue for ordering file transfer tasks.
 The process of file transfer can be paused or resumed using the resume button. It aids to
continue with other stuff without the fear of transfer being disrupted.
 FileZilla also allows multitasking through Tabbed user interface. It allows transferring multiple files with different servers at the same time.

How to download FileZilla 3.3.9?

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Download FileZilla

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