Download FileZilla 3.3.6

FileZillaFileZilla is free software, cross-platform File Transfer Protocol application, consisting of FileZilla client and FileZilla server. Binaries available are Windows, Linux, and macOS, with some binaries available for Windows only. Support of both server and client for FTP and FTPS (FTP over SSL/TLS), while the client in addition also can connect to Secure File Transfer Protocol servers. So a wide range of network and connectivity is provided to the clients.

Features of FileZilla 3.3.6

Some remarkable features are mentioned below:

1. Transfer files using FTP and encrypted FTP such as FTPS (server and client) and SFTP.

2. The latest version of internet protocol is supported i.e. IPv6.

3. It helps tabbed user interface for multitasking, from transferring file simultaneously between multiple servers to
allow browsing more than one server.

4. Filename filters, users can filter only specific files that have the conditions they want.

5. FileZilla is available in 47 languages worldwide (Arabic, Armenian, Basque, Japanese, Italian, Russian, Romanian, Serbian, Slovak, Spanish etc.)

6. It allows remote file editing, for quickly editing file on server side on the-fly. No need to download, edit on the computer and re-upload back to the server.

7. Network configuration wizard, help to configure confusing network settings in form of step-by-step wizard.

8. Configurable transfer speed limits to limit the speed transferring the files, which helps reducing the error of

9. From synchronising director browsing to remotely searching files on the server it does all.

How to download FileZilla 3.3.6?

Using this for official work is great and we can obviously get it downloaded from the following download option.

Download FileZilla

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