Download FileZilla 3.3.5

FileZillaFileZilla is free software, cross platform FTP application, which consist of FileZilla client and
FileZilla server. It was started as a computer science class project by two classmates.

Features of FileZilla 3.3.5

Following are the features of FileZilla application:

  • FileZilla is easy to use.
  • It supports FTP, FTP over SSL/TSL and SSH file transfer protocol.
  • It provides cross platform, it runs on windows, Linux OS X etc.
  • It is supported by IPv6.
  • It is also available in many languages.
  • It supports resume feature which means you can pause and continue from where you left the transferring of files.
  • You can also transfer large files even the files which are larger than 4GB.
  • It has tabbed user interface.
  • It has powerful site manager and transfer queue.
  • It has bookmarks, you can select one bookmark for each file.
  • It supports drag and drop option.
  • Configurable transfer speed limits.
  • You have a feature of filename filters.
  • You can compare your directories from other directories.
  • It has network configuration wizards.
  • It has a feature of remote file editing.
  • It has synchronised directory browsing.
  • Your passwords are also secured in this application.
  • You have an option of keep-alive.
  • You can log any file.
  • It can run multiple server transfers simultaneously.
  • You can also search remote files.
  • You can also allow FileZilla to work remotely with any VPN of your choice.

How to download FileZilla 3.3.5?

It transfers and resumes very large files at fastest speed. So after these many features, you still are thinking to download the app? Just click on the click given below to download the app.

Download FileZilla

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