Download FileZilla 3.3.0

FileZillaTim Kose’s FileZilla, developed in 2001, transfers files across all platforms ranging from MAC OS, Windows and Linux. It is available for free comprising of the FlieZilla Client and Server, both of which, support FTP and FTPS with Windows being the only OS to support both Client and Server binaries. Linux and Mac OS only support Client binaries.

Features of FileZilla 3.3.0

  • It can transfer files having a size larger than 4 GB and is a cross platform application that runs seamlessly on all platforms like Mac OS and Windows. Users can edit the files on the server side without necessarily having to go through the hassle of downloading them and can also pause the files during transfer and continue with it, later.
  • The drag and drop features facilitate the easy download and upload of files with the master password alongside the storage protected password, ensuring security during file transfer and upload.
  • It is available in 47 languages like Japanese, Arabic, English, etc and supports the iPv6, which the newest Internet Protocol.
  • The Filename filters that help the users arrange the files according to their specific requirements. The most frequently used files can also be bookmarked with the Site Manager also accounting for and managing the list of servers for file transfer associated tasks.
  • The directory in FileZilla is synchronised to ease the browsing of files in the search bar.

How to download FileZilla 3.3.0?

FileZilla does not operate on phones. To download it on your PC click on the given below download option.

Download FileZilla

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