Download FileZilla 3.2.6

FileZillaFileZilla is a free software and a cross-platform application, containing of FileZilla client and FileZilla server. File Zilla was started as a computer science project and it is an open source project because many FTP clients were already available. Also, it is attractive, reliable, regularly updated and a very good example of its type. And if you are looking file transfer, you should go with this software. The software is free and you can use it easily. The transferring of the files from one server to another would become easy using this software.

Features of FileZilla 3.2.6

Here are the features of FileZilla

  •  Transfer files using FTP
  •  It supports IPv6 which is the latest version of internet protocols.
  •  Support resume that is that the file transfer process can be paused and continued.
  •  Bookmarks for easy access to most frequent use.
  •  Drag and drop to download and upload.
  •  Synchronised directory browsing.
  •  Speed limits.
  •  Ip filters.
  •  Compression with DEFLATE.
  •  Encryption with SSL/TLSA
  •  Per user permission on the underlying file system.
  •  GUI configuration tool.
  • Speed limits.
  • Fast and efficient.
  • Handles large transfers.
  • Secure.
  • Remote file search.
  • Filters.

How to download FileZilla 3.2.6?

  • Tap on the link given below to download the software
  • Once downloaded FileZilla, install it on your computer unlike you install other windows program.

Once done with installing you can use it using the following steps-

  • Connect to your account using FileZilla.
  • Navigate to your “public_html” folder.
  • Locate in your computer a folder to backup your files.
  • Download your website files.

Download FileZilla

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