Download FileZilla 3.2.1

FileZillaFileZilla is an open source software that you can use to transfer your files from one server to another. The software is quite useful if you thinking to migrate your files. You can use the software and manage your files easily as it has a lot of options to make everything easy for you. The software is free and the best part is it supports multiple platforms.

Features of FileZilla 3.2.1

1. Both server and customer bolster IPv6, and one of the few open source FTP applications that do so.
2. Transfer records utilizing FTP and scrambled FTP i.e. FTPS for both server and customer, and furthermore SFTP.
3. FileZilla offers continue option i.e., clients can delay document exchange process and proceed.
4. Configurable exchange speed limits.
5. Available in 47 dialects around the world.
6. It has synchronized registry perusing, remote record seek.
7. FileZilla takes care of the issue of crisscrossed data over FTP by index correlation for nearby documents; the contrasts neighborhood records and the server records in a similar catalog and features the records that don’t have confounded data in a comparable shading so it can be cross-checked.
8. Secure secret phrase ensured capacity and furthermore an ace secret word.
9. FileZilla server offers remote record altering to rapidly alter documents on server side without the prerequisite to download, alter and re-transfer.
10. It sends keep-alive directions if the association over FTP has been inactive for quite a while.

How to download FileZilla 3.2.1?

You can download their software for free through the following link:

Download FileZilla

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