Download FileZilla 3.1.8

FileZillaFileZilla is a cross platform, file transfer application Taht is available for free and consists of FileZilla Client and FileZilla server both of which, support FTP and FTPS. Windows, Linux and Mac OS all support Client binaries while the server binaries are exclusively available for Windows. It was founded in 2001 by Tim Kose.

Features of FileZilla 3.1.8

  • FileZilla supports the latest version of Internet Protocol that is, IPv6 and is also available in 47 languages around the world including Arabic, Japanese, English and Vietnamese.
  • It allows bookmark for the most frequented use and the Site Manager manages the server lists for any task associated with file transfer and also has filters in the name of Filename Filters that allows users to keep files according to their specific needs.
  • It boasts of the drag and drop feature to download and upload files.
  • It works across all platforms like iOS, Windows, etc and also allows the transfer of files of size larger than 4 GB.
  • It is a secure way if transferring and uploading files with an additional master password along with the storage protected password.
  • It allows the user to edit files on the side of the server without having to download those files and has a synchronised browsing for directories.
  • It allows the user to pause the transfer of files which can be continued later.

How to download FileZilla 3.1.8?

FileZilla has different links for the Client download to different platforms, which is available below on this website. It is not available for phones.

Download FileZilla


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