Download FileZilla 3.1.6

FileZillaIf you are hosting a website, you might have encountered problems while transferring the files between the server and the client, server and your computer while uploading new files. These problems are usually caused because your file transfer client does not support one or many types of file transfer like FTP and its other variants. Plus, the security of your files may also be at risk as your file transfer program may not come with advanced security features. FileZilla helps to solve this and make your life easier. We shall look more into the features of FileZilla here.

Features of FileZilla 3.1.6

Here are a few features of FileZilla that makes it stand apart from the rest other clients available.

  • Support to Multiple Kinds of File Transfer- FileZilla supports file transfer over FTP, FTPS, etc. You need not to have multiple software packages to manage each of them separately. You can manage them under one roof.
  • Free of Cost- It is free of cost, which means that it is both free to use and share. You can contribute to its
    functionalities if you are a coder.
  • Pause and Resume Feature- You can always pause and resume the file transfers any time with FileZilla. So, no more restarting transfer if something goes wrong.
  • Support to IpV6- IpV6 is the latest version of Internet Protocol. This shows that FileZilla is not outdated.
  • Support to many languages- You can use FileZilla in your native language (if it is list in the list of languages supported by FileZilla).

How to Download FileZilla 3.1.6?

To download FileZilla and enjoy its features, click here

Download FileZilla

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