Download FileZilla 3.1.0

FileZillaManaging Websites and background things is a big challenge when it comes to managing files and databases and also sending and receiving files to and from websites. There will always be a strong need for an effective file-client to ensure proper file management and the safety of the files. Many such software packages are available in the market for competitive prices, but few of them are also available for free. What more, they are competitive enough to include all of the advanced features that those software packages come with. FileZilla is one of those free open source software packs that match those paid ones.

Features of FileZilla 3.1.0

FileZilla has the following features that make it one of the popular file management clients in the market.

  • Easy Accessibility- It is very easy to use. So, you need not to worry about file management if you are not a tech savvy person. It is very easy to learn to handle it.
  • Support for Various Protocols- It supports FTP, FTP over SSL or TLS and SFTP.
  • Available in Multiple Languages- You can enjoy the features of FileZilla in your native language.
  • Resumable Transfers- Even in files as large as 4GB, you can pause and resume file transfers without any problem.
  • Drag and Drop Feature- It allows you to easily transfer files through drag and drop.

    There are many more features to experience. You can understand all of them when you actually
    experience it.

How to Download FileZilla 3.1.0?

Try out the exciting features of FileZilla by downloading it from here.

Download FileZilla

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