Download FileZilla 3.0.5

FileZillaMaintaining a website is not at all easy and the task of a webmaster is not a child’s play. Being a webmaster, you need to take care of the servers, clients, files stored on a website, databases, front-end appearance of the website and so on. You will require many tools to maintain the website and FileZilla is one of the best of such tools. It is a free software available for transferring files safely over the internet. It is basically an FTP client and almost all webmasters all over the world use it for managing the website files. We shall look more into the features of FileZilla and how to download it in this article.

Features of FileZilla 3.0.5

Here are the best of what FileZilla has to offer its users.

  • Easy User Interface – Things are just there where they should be – handy and accessible.
  • Support for FTP, FTP over SSL/TLS and SFTP – This helps in transferring files through various types of connections.
  • Multiple platforms- Available for many platforms like Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and so on.
  • Supports many languages – you can use FileZilla in your native language.
  • Easier transfer of files – FileZilla allows you to pause and resume file transfers. So, temporary power cuts for a few seconds don’t matter anymore. It also lets you drag and drop the files. And there are many more exciting features to try.

How to Download FileZilla 3.0.5?

If you would like to try out the features of FileZilla, click on the link and install the file.

Download FileZilla

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