Download FileZilla 3.0.3

FileZillaFileZilla is a free software for FTP (File Transform Platform) application that offers client binaries, FileZilla Client for Windows, Linux, and macOS and server binaries, FileZilla Server for Windows only. It is and open source software distributed under the terms of GNU General Public License. It also offers protocol support for WebDav, Backblaze B2, Amazon S3, Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, Microsoft Azure Block and File Storage, and Google Cloud Storage.

Features of FileZilla 3.0.3

1. Both server and client support IPv6.
2. Transfer files using FTP and encrypted FTP i.e. FTPS for both server and client, and also SFTP.
3. FileZilla offers resume i.e., users can pause the file transfer process and continue.
4. Configurable transfer speed limits.
5. Available in 47 languages worldwide.
6. It has synchronized directory browsing, remote file search.
7. FileZilla solves the problem of mismatched information over FTP by directory comparison for
local files; t compares local files with the server files in the same directory and highlights the
files that don’t have mismatched information in a similar color so it can be cross-checked.
8. Secure password protected storage and also a master password.
9. Cross-platform.
10. FileZilla server offers remote file editing to quickly edit files on server side without the
requirement to download, edit and re-upload.
11. It sends keep-alive commands if the connection over FTP has been idle for a long time.

How to download the FileZilla 3.0.3?

Want to have FileZilla software in your computer? You can download their software for free through the following link, and transfer the files easily with the help of this software.

Download FileZilla

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