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FileZillaHosting a website comes with many subtasks like managing the databases, designs, content and also maintain files on the server. It is not as easy as it seems. So, every webmaster should have a tool to help him/her out to help in managing the website management tasks. FileZilla is one of such software packages with both server and client packages, that help in managing such affairs quickly and safely. In this article, we shall look more into the features of FileZilla and how to download it.

Features of FileZilla 3.1.4

Following are some of the features of FileZilla that make it stand out from other file transfer clients on the market.

  • Free of Cost- It is both free and open source file transfer client. This means you need not pay a single penny
    to use FileZilla and also can contribute to it if you are a coder.
  • Support to Various kinds of File Transfers- It lets you transfer files over FTP, FTPS, etc. You need not look for any other software for transferring files over each of these. You can perform these tasks under one roof.
  • Up-to-date- It supports Ipv6, which is the latest version of Internet Protocol. So, it is up-to-date with its
  • Pause and Continue file transfers- You can Pause and resume file transfers on FileZilla in case anything goes wrong. There is no need to restart file transfer once things are normal.
  • Multi-lingual- It can be used in many languages, even in your native language (if it is listed in the list of
    languages supported by FileZilla).

How to Download FileZilla 3.1.4?

FileZilla can be downloaded from here.

Download FileZilla

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