Download FileZilla 3 Beta 2

FileZillaA powerful and free software for transferring files over the internet is FileZilla. It is a very popular FTP (FILE TRANSFER PROTOCOL) client. It is a cross-platform FTP application with FileZilla client and FileZilla server. Client binaries are available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS whereas server binaries are available for windows only. But both client and server FTP and FTPS while client in addition supports connection to SFTP servers was actually started as a computer science class project by Tim Kosse and his two classmates. It is used by webmasters almost all over the world.

Features of FileZilla 3 Beta 2

  • FileZilla has user-friendly interface and it is easy to use. Files are transferred using FTP and encrypted FTP such as FTPS and SFTP as well.
  • IPv6 which is called the latest version of Internet Protocol is supported by FileZilla. It is available in many languages also. It is known that FileZilla is available in 47 languages worldwide like Arabic, Chinese,
    Japanese etc. up to now.
  • It supports transfer of large files. It supports Resume which means that the file transfer process can be paused and continued. Files which are greater than 4gb can also be transferred.
  • It has tabbed user interface which supports multitasking that allows browsing more than one server. It even transfers files simultaneously between multiple servers so that time required for transferring more
    files is reduced.
  • FileZilla supports Directory comparison for comparing local files and files in the same directory. It will highlight the file in colour which does not have the same information.
  • It supports synchronized directory browsing, remote file editing which supports editing of file on the server side without downloading and remote file search.

How to download FileZilla?

Download FileZilla and enjoy easy transfer of files even between many servers just by clicking on the link given this article.

Download FileZilla

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