Download FileZilla 2.2.19a

FileZillaFileZilla is a software working under FTP, FTPS and SFTP clients with an easy and informatory graphical user interface. FileZilla 2.219a is not the latest version but it is the most renowned and efficient version which catered many users owing to its attractive features.

It is reliable platform which helps to connect to the server fastly. You can easily upload the file on the website. It is a free software which includes the access to FileZilla clients and server. The client is available for Windows, Linux and macOS while its server is only compatible to Windows operating system. It works on cross-platform operating system and makes the best use of graphics user interface configuration tool.

Features of FileZilla Software

  1. It uses the compression of the data with DEFLATE.
  2. It has customizable speed limits governed by the users.
  3. It does not let the traffic affect the upload much.
  4. It takes the user’s permission while performing on the file system.
  5. It is encrypted with SSL/TLS to support FTPS client and SSH file transfer protocol.
  6. It is supported by IPv6 and is available in all conventional languages.
  7. It uploads the file after passing it through the filename filters. It suggests the relatable filename if rejected.
  8. It allows remote file editor, HTTP/1-1, SOCKS5 and FTP-proxy.
  9. Larger files i.e., more than 4 GB files can be transferred through this platform.
  10. It offers the benefits of powerful site manager and transfer queue.

Download FileZilla 2.2.19a for PC

There are various ways to download this software. This can be made easy by clicking on this link.

Download FileZilla

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